Wednesday, February 20, 2008


As of now i have 22 dessert recipes......I love love sweets....I have tried many recipes my home .But now ,I wanted to make some authentic Indian sweets by someway or the other without spending hours n hours ...I had a guest last week and felt like making something really Indian not which in my blog .. I searched for many....and finally tried the 20 minutes microwave really tasted great and now i wanted to share u this recipe .u can do this in two ways, by adding1)condensed milk + grated paneer2)milk powder + ricotta cheese...i used number 2.paneer and condensed milk are well know to all of us.but using some good Italian ricotta cheese to our indian dish is different rite?There is no much difference between ricotta and panner .they look alike,but made by following different procedures.I think u all know but this is too much...coming to the recipe

2cups ricotta cheese(1/2 fat ) or grated paneer
2 cups milk powder(fat free would be fine)or small tin condensed milk
1/2 stick butter(at room temp)
1 cup sugar( do not use sugar for sweetened condensed milk)
Dried fruits for garnish
Combine all the ingredients except dried friuts .
Microwave for 5-6 minutes on high .
Remove stir well and microwave on hig for 5 min.
Remove stir well and now microwave on high till it becomes has some light brown edges(for me it took like 10 min for 700 W microwave) .Microwave if u want to.But don't brown it.Because when u set it aside to let it cool it will slightly change its color .
Now put all the mixture on a flat surface or a flat baking tray and soften the top and adges .
Set aside and let it not cut into pieces untill it is firm.
Cut into ur desired shapes and garnish with an almond , cashew ,pistachio or saffron.


sandhya said...

wow...kalakand.. your pic's are tempting me. would try these for sure. even i love sweets... you have got a great sweet collection..

sowmya said...

This looks and my hubby are fond of sweets..and he loves milk sweets and kalakand in a microwave would be such fun...iam going to make them right away...thanks

Purnima said...

Shanti, Kalakand MW'd! Wow..I too lllllloveeeeeeeeeeeeee sweets!!! Great recipe, tks for sharing! U hv a great looking blog!!

Rina said...

Shanti, kalakand was my fav back home. My dad always used to buy this sweet. Yours looks so yummy. Ssure to try..

Cham said...

Oh God u ve 23 recipes now ..... Hope u will reach century :) I love kalakand, looks yummy :)

Cooking and the City said...

Shanti everything looks great, I have given you an award, details on my blog :-)

Dell xo

Uma said...

Easy way of preparing Kalakand. Shall definitely try it. Wow, you are good at sweets.

bee said...

congrats on your award, shanti. you have a beautiful space. and thanks for passing in on to us. it is an honour be be recognised by one's fellow bloggers.


Kribha said...

I love milk sweets soooo much. But I've always dreaded to make kalakhand thinking about reducing the milk for such a long time. Your recipe looks super good. Saves lot of time. Thanks for sharing it.
BTW, I tried your chicken liver masala few days back and it turned out really great. I did not get that nice roasted color on the outside but the taste was awesome. Keep posting recipes like this. My family really enjoyed it.

Madhu Salvaji said...

wow ....kalakand. this is one of my fav's,shanti ship it to me overnight when you make it next time :)