Tuesday, November 06, 2007


This is a favorite food for all indians...this type of bhajjis r famous in Costal Andhra.i really love them and we enjoy them buying from a roadside vendor who sells punugulu,bhajji,pakodas etc...
these r very simple to make and the taste really depends on the chillies u use.
normal chillies that r used for cooking doen't suit this dish.In india there r chillies available for bhajjis seperately.but now i bought jalapeno peppers to make it a bit authentic.

Batter for coating the chillies

1 cup besan
1/4 cup rice flour
baking powder 1/4 teaspoon
chilli powder

stuffing chillies

6 jalapenos
1 teaspoon ajwain/waamu
1 teaspoon besan
salt a pinch

make slits on peppers and remove the seeds with a spoon.

those who want them more spicy can keep the seeds.
mix ajwain,besan,salt in a small plate.
stuff this into the peppers.

Make batter with besan,rice flour,salt,chilli powder,baking powder and water.
the consistency of bhajji batter should be lighter than dosa batter .
heat oil in a pan.
dip the peppers into the batter and fry it in oil for a min.
put that on a paper towel.
repeat till done.
let them sit aside for 2 minutes.

again dip them in the remaining batter and fry till done.

chopp the onions and cilantro.

Make a slit on bhajjis and stuff the onions and cilantro mixture.
drizzle with lemon juice.
serve hot with tea.

Onion bhajji:
U can make onion bhajjis/pakoda with the remaing batter.
cut the onions and add to the remaining batter.
fry then till done.


Lakshmi said...

ohooo...Lovely. I like them all, wanna have few right now.

Kribha said...

It's my fav too. Looks so good. I'm mouth-watering already. Your presentation looks awesome.

Saju said...

great post, love the pics and love the recipe. will be trying soon.

Apple said...

Hmmm mouth watering....Nice pics Shanthi

Madhu said...

Bhajjis looks mouthwatering,very nice presentation. Stuffing onion is very new to me, will try it sometime. thanks.

Happy cook said...

They are just delicious.
Can imagine having them with a cup of hot coffee. One bite from the bj-hajis and then a sip from the hot coffee.

Asha said...

Love the hot chillies bajji, I could use a few right now!:D

Rina said...

Shanti, I keep making these all the time, provided I have these jalapeno chillies at hand when I make other bajjis. These are my hubby fav. Your chilly bajjis look gr8

Siri said...

So True, elanti mirapakaya bajji roadside ballalo boldu tinevallamu.. miss all that now... love the idea of stuffing onion in the bajji.. just like the ones I ate for the first time in Hyderabad ( Dilsukhnagar) when I was in my 10th class.. hahaha.. I remember it so well..thanks Shanti.. u reminded of those sweet, carefree days..:))

Sirisha Kilambi said...

aaha emi ruchi...Merapakaya Bajji :-)))
A very Happy Diwali to u and family Shanthi :-)

Laavanya said...

The chilli bajjis look fab.. perfect for the cold weather. I usually use the light green chillies. I've not filled these before.. and are you frying them twice so the batter coats well?

sagari said...

bajjilu look yummyyyyyyy

bee said...

lovely step by step instructions. they look delicious.

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