Wednesday, June 20, 2007


1 cup cauliflower florets
2 sp maida
2 sp corn flour
ginger garlic paste
chilli powder
food color
for seasoning:
finely chopped onion 1 cup
finely chopped ginger 1 sp
finely chopped garlic 1 sp
finely chopped green chillies 1 sp
finely chopped cilantro 2 or 3 sp
for white sauce:
1 sp corn flour
1/2 cup water
pinch of salt
tomato ketchup 1 sp
lime juice 1 sp
soy sauce 1 sp

take a wide bowl mix maida,corn flour,salt,chilli powder,ginger garlic paste with cauliflower n mix well.
fry them in oil on low flame.
in another pan heat 1 sp oil n fry onions,ginger ,garlic till th rawsmell of ginger n garlic goes.add green chillies n fry.
now in a small bowl take 1 sp of corn flower ,a pinch of salt,tomato ketchup,soy sauce,lime juice,1/2 cup water.
mix well.this is called white sauce.
now to the fried onion mixture(seaSONING) add fried gobi pieces n mix well.
pour the white sauce on to it n let it fry for another 2 mintes on low flame.
add cilantro n stir well.


Asha said...

Love the color Shanthi.Delicious Manchurian:)
I love your slide too on the side bar.I get to peek in your house!:D

archana said...

The colour is is too good.I can imagine its lovely taste too. Nice recipe :)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Your Gobi manchurian looks lovely, Shanti!!! Mine never comes this good :(. it becomes soft and never remains crisp.. Will try out your version sometime

priar's, said...

Hi shanti,
ur r too fast in posting ur dish....:)Ur gobi looks bright and tempting....

USHA said...

Hi Shanti,

Gobi Manchurian looks awesome...Hmmm yummy...actually og to some cauliflower left out in my pantry....i feel like trying now...

Sia said...

hi shanthi,
thank u for dropping a line in my blog n leading me to ur yummy kitchen:) gobi manchuri is my hubby's fav dish and urs looks very bringht n tasty:)

Madhavi said...

Hi Shanti!thanks for visiting my blog and giving me a chance to visit your beautiful blog. I loved your home made frosting and gobi manchurian.even mine comes out good and i also follow almost the same recipe.

Jyothi said...

Hi Shanti, lovely color of manchurian. This is my favorite dry item. Thanks for sharing your version. See the yahoo messages of yours. I am sending some messages to you. Have a nice weekend and great day.

archana said...

hi shanti eeroju nee blog chusi gobi manchuria chesa....gobi manchuria is my fav dish...n the way u have presented it is 2 gud...luved the color of it...

Kajal said...

What a great color of Manchurian.....looks yummy.....nice recipe with gobi...i donot use gobi to much because I do not like it.....but your recipe say try munchurian with gobi.:)

Rekha said...

Hi Shanti, Manchurian color is lovely... I will also try this way some time... This dish is my fav :)