Sunday, June 03, 2007

snak with puffed rice(murmura)

3 cups murmura
lemon juice(according to ur taste)
curry leaves
green chillies 3 chopped finely
urad dal

in a wide pan heat oil and add curry leaves,mustard and urad dal...add chillies..fry them for 1 minute.add salt and turmeric power .
add lemon juice.
pour water in a large bowl .dip murmura using ur two hands and take them out immediately...add it to the seasoning mixture.stir it for 2 minutes.
serve hot.....
this can b served as breakfast and snack too....


archana said...

This is something I want to try. The murmura does not become soggy?
The snack is looking really yummy.Must try it :)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

hey, this one looks simple and ez to make..... We make a similar dish with poha. Was wondering if dipping murmure in water gives the same taste as poha....

Asha said...

Looks like a great snack Shanti.I used to make it in India.Here I don't get that Indian Murmuri,just rice crispy cereal!:)
Send it to Trupti for WBB #12,perfect entry.

Jyothi said...

Hey you came back. Happy to see a good and crunchy snack at your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Seena said...

Hey shanti,
where were you? what is the murmura, could you pls explain?

Jeena said...

Hi Shanti this looks real nice to eat good recipe :)

Kajal said...

Hey, I also make this snak with begal gram sev for "bhel recipe".
your picture is very clear.
Good day.:)