Monday, October 22, 2007


1 small bottle gourd
1/4 brick of khoya/khoa/mawa
1/4 cup ghee

peel and grate bottle gourd.measure the amount of bottle gourd in a cup.
wash and grate khoya brick.measure the amount.
now take sugar equal to the number of cups of bottle gourd and khoya.
mix only a 1/4 cup of water with sugar and bring to boil.
meanwhile pan fry the grated bottle gaurd with 2 sp of ghee.
fry till water leaves the bottlegourd.
make sure that the sugar syrup in a soft ball stage.
add this sugar mixture to the fried bottlegourd.
stir well .add khoya,cashews fried in ghee and the remaining ghee.
stir till the mixture thickens.
serve hot or cold.

making sugar syrup:

for ball stage:

for making sugar syrup u need to take 4 parts of sugar and 1 part of water all the time.
boil it and when u see the bubbles forming,take a small bowl and drop sugar syrup into the water.
check if u can make a ball out of the it.then it is ready to use.

for string stage:
for string stage take a little amt of syrup .
make sure it is ok to touch and check using two fingers.
if there r any string between ur fingers then it is in string stage.

different type of recipe requires different syrups.


Rina said...

Can't wait to try this Shanti. Thx for the recipe

Sreelu said...


I love this halwa , looks great

TBC said...

Looks lovely.


Looks delicious!!!Thanx for sharing...:)

Padmaja said...

hey shanti!! I heard about bottlegourd halwa but never made or tasted one, nice n easy halwa!!! looks fantastic

sunita said...

Shanti, I think it's time I gave this halwa a try...your's look lovely.

Asha said...

I love this sweet too. Love the bowl you served it in!:))

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Chaala rojulu ayyindi Shanti ee halwa thini.....Ur halwa looks very tempting and the serving bowl is very cute :-)

Apple said...

Looks inviting Shanthi...yumm

Padma said...

Shanti, I make it similar but use milk instead of water, that gives a lil richer taste. Yours looks lovely too!

Happy cook said...

Halwa looks super delicious

Rajitha said...

mmm..yummy! just warms me up to look at it

bindiya said...

Looks too good,Ilove this halwa!

Mansi Desai said...

Dudhi no halvo, my favourite! it's so easy to make too, right! love the plate you've served it in!

remya said...

yumm yumm hubby will love this...looks delicious...eventhough i'm nt that kinda of asweet to try this...

Kribha said...

That looks super delicious. Never tried this before. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

Cynthia said...

You are one creative lady, I would never have thought to use bottle gourd in a sweet dish.