Friday, October 05, 2007


This is my first experiment on home made frost and decorating the cake.There r many types of frosts.royal icing,butter cream frost,cheese cream frost,whipping cream frost.As a beginner i wanted to start with whipping cream frost.i dint know what to add and how to start with.With the hep of some sites and my views i planned it and made the frost with no additions to it except color and sugar.I wanted to take the cake decoration class..but it dint work out as there is no time....
there is a tip for u the amount of sugar,eggs and maida should be equal then u'll surely get a perfect me..

1/2 cup orange juice
2 eggs
baking powder 1 tea spoon
butter 1/2 cube(room temp)
heavy whipping cream
hand beater
orange food color
mandarine oranges can

Take a measuring cup and add eggs to it.
see how much quantity u have.
take the same amount of sugar as eggs and pour it into a wide bowl.
add butter in to the same bowl and beat it together till everything blends.
now take the same amount of maida as sugar and add a tea spoon of baking powder and sift it.
now add the sifted flour to egg, sugar and butter mixture.
now add the orange juice(1/4 cup).make sure that its not too thin.after adding the orange juice it should be like idle batter.
grease the cake tin with nonstick cooking spray or butter.
bake it on 350 degrees F for 20 min. or till a fork or tooth pick comes out clean.
cool it.

when the cake cooled u can start frosting it.

take a wide bowl. pour in whipping cream, 1 sp of sugar(u can add more if u want to), 1 sp of orange juice.
beat it with an electric beater on high till stiff peaks should be very thick .
now take this and put it in the freezer for 20 min .
now take ur cake decorating stuff and decorate it with frost and oranges. do not frost untill the whipping cream is thick .
u can add any food color for ur design.


Kribha said...

Lovely cake and frosting.Wanna put my finger in and taste that frosting.Looks great and yummy.

Rina said...

Cool Cake you've got here!!!

Namratha said...

Wow, this is your first time?? Awesome cake!:)

Padma said...

Nice decoration! Hey u had the same photo in ur orkut profile, kada! NIce cake Shanti, looking so tempting!

Rajitha said...

looks very nice shanti...and you say you have done this for the first time!! good going girl :)

Sreelu said...

Shanti, chala bagundi cake, check out excellent site for ideas and tips

Shweta said...

Thats a first attempt??? You just inspired me :) Really great-looking cake!

PASSIONATE BAKER....and beyond. said...

Great cake...are u sure this is your first attempt? Very good indeed. I love baking too, and am quite passionate about it. Do stop by at my blog someday...I'm at

Apple said...

Very good start Shanthi...Cake looks yumm...Looks so professional...I always fail in the frosting concept...:((

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Shanthi....Cake chala bavundi...white and orange colors ...looks nice dear :-)

Mansi Desai said...

Looks beautiful...never tried orange flavored cake, bu the color combo looks inviting:) great bake!