Monday, July 02, 2007


Fish of anykind i used Tilapia fish(15 pieces)

Part 1 powder

5 sp corn flour
1 sp all purpose flour(maida)
chilli powder
garam masala
dhania powder

Part 2 marinate

fish pieces
1 big spoon yogurt
chilli powder
garam masala
ginger garlic paste

Part 3 garnish

finely chopped onions 2 sp
chopped cilantro 1 sp
chopped green chillies 1/2 sp
lemon juice 2 or 3 drops
lemon slices cut round

marinate the fish using the part 2 ingredients for 20 minutes.
in a wide bowl mix all the ingredients under part 1.

take a wide pan.drizzle a few drops of oil.dip the marinated fish piece in the powder(part1).
fry it in the pan.
turn n fry the other side after 1 or 2 min.fry each piece for atleast 5 min.
u can fry 5 to 7 pieces in a single pan. u can complete the whole thing in 3 batches or so....
keep the fried fish a side.repeat till ur done.

take a sp of oil in a pan.fry the onions n chillies.atlast add cilantro n fry .add lemon juice.

take a plate n arrange the fish pieces n put the lemon slices around them.

just sprinkle the onion mixture on the fish pieces.

u can have it as an appetizer.just squeeze the lemon juice n eat.


bhags said...

looks great, but never thought of using corn flour for fish fry, I have always used normal flour for it, but seems really tasty

Jyothi said...

Hi Shanti, very interesting fry and looks so tasty. Next time I want to try your version. Thanks for sharing.

Neelam said...

Very nice recipe...a must try!

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

I love this fish a lot....Nice pic...Mouth watering one..

USHA said... fry...just amazing....very tempting....oh i missed your egg made me to remember mymom who prepares us in our childhood days..Thanks,.

Saju said...

yummmmmmmmmmm! I can't wait to try this

Anonymous said...

Hi Shanti, Ha...B-day..all the best for you..This recipe looks delicious.........Rosa

Kribha said...

I'm just going thru your blog. many of my favs. Awesome presentations. I'm so glad to know you.