Tuesday, April 17, 2007

BITTER GAURD FRY(kakarakaya):

there r 2 types of fries in this

type 1:

this is really very very spicy and can be stored for about a month.my mother inlaw tought me this recipe.she is an execellent cook .its very delicious and goes with mudda appu(plain dal)

bitter gaurd 5 or 6
1 cup butter milk(prefer sour)
3 garlic cloves
tamarind an inch piece

3 spoons red chilli powder

donot cut the bitter gaurd.puit the bitter gaurd as it is in the pan and pour butter milk,salt,tamrind turmeric .
cook till tender
drain the excess liquid and cut it into pieces
heat oil in a apan and fry the bittergaurd
mash the garlic along with chilli powder and add salt to it
add this powder to the piece and simmer or 2 minutes.
u can store this in an air tight container at room temparature.
this can be as a sidedish in idles,rice,dal...goes with everything.

type 2:

1sp dhania(coriander seeds)
1sp pachisenagapappu(yellow dal)
1sp uradh dal
1 sp sesame seeds
1 sp coconut powder
1 sp jeera
7 or 8 dry red chillies

roast all of the abt with out oil ( shoulnt become brown)and let them cool.
grind them to powder and add salt or chilli powder till required

cut the bitter gaurd pieces fry them in oil and add this powder and again fry them for abt 5 minutes.