Friday, April 06, 2007


4 cups rice
1 cup black gram(uradh dal)
4 or 5 methi seeds
1/2 cup rice flakes(poha,beaten rice,atukulu,etc)

soak rice and uradh dal seperately over night.
add methi while soaking uradh dal.
grind them the next morning in a sequence first come rice and them add black gram an grind.
before grinding soak the rice flakes and then add them after grinding the rice and uradh dal.
add salt and keep it covered for atleast 10 hrs in a closed place like microwave or oven or in a closet which u do not use regularly.
heat a flat pan .

pour the batter and go in spirals.
after 5 or 6 seconds spoon oil around it and on it.
turn on the other side.
serve with cutney,sambar,as u like.......

adding methi seeds and rice flakes gives u good golden color to dosa.
and methi is also good for diabetis patients.