Wednesday, April 18, 2007

fried apples with ice cream

3 scoops any ice cream
2 apple slices
any fruits for garnish
small stick butter
1/2 sp sugar
maple syrup(optional)
nutmeg pinch(optional)
vanilla essence(optional)

heat butter in a pan.add sugar and stir it for a minute.add vanilla essence.
fry apple slices for 3 mintes.
place 3 scoops of icecream in a plate
add apple slices and left over sauce in pan.
drizzle maple syrup on ice cream.
dust with nutmeg powder
garnish with the fruits u have.


Jyothi said...

How you get all these ideas? really different and looks yummy. Tempting me shanti....shall i come and have it....pls...pls...:-)

shanti said...

hi jyothi when ever u come to Los Angeles come to my home u r always invited....and i always have 1 ice cream box in my freezer......:)ur ideas r grt than mine....:)