Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Today i saw an article in magazine about different types of fat in our body....and it was said that eating donuts really store much fast .....but i love them i was searching for a low fat donut recipe.but i dint find a good i started thinking what r all the low fat dairy products....and a small recipe came into my mind.."low fat donuts" .so i wanted to share with u cameout better for me...but not as "krispy creme".anywayz here is it....


1 egg
3 cups flour
1/4 cup skim milk
baking soda and baking powdervegetable oil
sugar(to make solution(pakam))
unsalted butter 1/4 inch thick stick

make sugar solution at first because u need to put the fried donuts into the sugar solution as soon as u take them out from the pan.
to make sugar solution add 2 or 3 cups sugar and only 1/2 cup water..let it boil till it form thin threads

making the doughbeat the egg with fork or a beater then make butter into small peices and beat it well add a pinch of baking soda and 1/2 spoon baking powderadd 1 spoon sugar powder and beat well

add maida in small portions...

make a dough like chapati dough .

but the donut dough should be little more moist than chapati dough.

take a roller and sprinkle maida onto ur flat surface and on roller .

put the dough and roll it not too thin nor thick just 1 cmm thick

cut this into desired shapes

fry them in oil

asson as u take them out put them in the sugar solution and let them stay for 20 minutes or so

u can serve them with whipping cream and hersheys chocolate syrup on tha top.


Anonymous said...

a mouth atering recipie,even i prefer low fat recipies.I will definitely try this.I have one question,where we need to add the skim milk ? U din't mention it.Please let me know ... i want to try this as soon as possible and as soon as i got u r reply.
Thanku very much


while making the dough instead of water u should add milk n then nead the dough..thank u for ur comment..try n let me know....n let me ur name too

Anonymous said...

Hey , Thank u Bhanu. My name is Silpa. I like to try new recipies.I will definitely try this and i will let u know.Thank u for u r reply.