Tuesday, April 17, 2007


to prepare the stuff(sweet balls)

chana dal-1cup
jaggery 4 medium cubes
cardamon powder(optional)
grated coconut(optional)

to prepare the batter for dipping the balls

rice 1 cup
blck gram(urad) 1/4 cup
pinch of baking soda

prepare this batter when u want too make them.donot store it.if the batter is left in refridgerator ,the batter will raise and become dosa batter .
soak rice and black gram over night.grind it in a food processor into a smooth paste(as dosa batter).
add salt and baking soda.

sweet balls:
cook the chana dal and mash it into a fine paste.the paste should be very thick.
make pakam(syrup) with jaggery .drip little syrup into a plate with water .u should be able to make a soft ball out of it.now it is ready and u can pour this into the cooked dal.add cardamom and cocnut.
when it becomes a thin paste and u when feel it not possible to make ball,cook it on very low flame till thick.
stir it continuosly with out burning it..
let it cool and now make balls out of it.
apply oil for ur palms while making balls so that they don't stick.

heat oil in a pan.

dip the balls into the batter.
put in oil and fry till brown....


Jeena said...

These look delicious Shanti lovely photos! :)