Friday, April 13, 2007


1 sp mustard
1 sp urad dal
1 sp jeera

cabbage 1/2
groundnuts 1 hand full.
6 green chillies
tamaring 4 or 5 flakes
2 flakes garlic

chop cabbage into very very thin pieces.
add 2 sp salt to chopped cabbage and mix it with ur hand.
set it aside.(u do this because salt will absorb all the raw smell and water from cabbage)
heat a sp of oil and fry jeera,green chillies,tamarind and ground nuts.

grind 2 flakes of garlic,jeera,green chillies,tamarind,ground nuts into a fine paste.
set it aside.

now take little portions of cabbage and squeeze with ur hand tightly.all the water comes out while u r squeezing.repeat it till ur done.

add the cabbage to the mixture.stir well.

make seasoning.

in 1 sp oil fry mustard,curry leaves,urad dal.

pour it over the chutney and mix together.

it tastes good with rice.